Star Coaches

All the finalists of Project Boyz Power Toronto are scheduled to receive a comprehensive training package including catwalk, fitness, Kung Fu, stage performance, choreography, acting, public speaking, styled to be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary – a complete makeover to turn them into a glamorous star.


Image Director

Jaycow is a well-known and highly respected designer in Hong Kong fashion industry. She is also the first milliners in Hong Kong. Her work is beyond compare with the ability to transform from one aesthetic to another. Using traditional technique and methods of millinery, she will transform a piece of traditional material into a modern sculptured hat piece. Her hand-crafted hat stunted the entertainment industry. Celebrities such as Carina Lau, Eason Chan, Mo Wenwei, Joey Yung, Yang Qianhua, Xue Kaiqi had collaborations with Jay in their public appearances and concerts.

Vason Lam

Stage Director, Dance instructor and Choreographer

A well-seasoned choreographer for over 25 years, has choreographed for celebrities’ concerts such as Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Alex To, Jordan Chan and numerous other artists. At one point in time he was even the sole choreographer for Alex To, and took part in many single promotional MTV videos and shows for him as well as other artists in Hong Kong. He has choreographed in well over 1,300 shows to date.

Chung Ming Poon (Poon Sir)

Public Speaking Instructor

Hong Kong TVB program host, hosted many live soccer tournaments and Olympic Games. Although he immigrated to Toronto for many years, he got invited back to Hong Kong to host the past two Olympic Games (2008 and 2012) for TVB. He is also a host for Fairchild Television and Fairchild Radio programs.

Dennis A

Acting Instructor

He was a Hong Kong TVB actor and host, had many experiences in acting and hosting. After immigrated to Toronto, he is currently one of the hosts of Fairchild Television “Leisure Talk” program and is also a program host of Fairchild Radio Toronto.